History of Lucca Italy

lucabookBy Darrell Galli

With the popularity of the region of Tuscany in Italy, this book covers the history of one of the most charming and little-known cities of the area; Lucca. It follow Lucca’s rise from before the Roman empire, chronicles the story of the famous “Volto Santo,” details the times of famine and plague, records the years of wars between the rising Italian cities, examines the Lutheran influence on a Catholic culture, describes the contributions of Napoleon to Lucca, and brings us up to the unification of Italy. It also covers the history of the famous towers and walls of the city.

No other book in English gives such detail to the complete history of the charm and glory of Lucca.

One thought on “History of Lucca Italy

  1. Thank you for finding and translating this text! As an American of Lucchesi stock myself, it means a lot to find some kind of history of one of the (tragically) lesser-known Italian cities.


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